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Music from the 40s - late 60s for senior citizens or anyone else that likes music from this era.

Music that may brighten up your day. We'll meet again.




There is, I suspect, the chance that many people will use the virus as an excuse not to visit a family member, leading to people feeling even further isolated. An unpalatable thought but a situation we are acutely aware could be happening across the UK

It has become increasingly clear to me that we must help to shield the most vulnerable in our communities from this virus. So in my wisdom or not, have decided to create a web site playing 40's though to the end of 60's music as Terrestrial Radio stations are not broadcasting music from this era. Hope this helps in some way and brighten up your day, helping with the isolation of being at home. You are also able to request a song or chat on line. Good luck in all that you do. Mike age 72.
Year 2020 when our earth stood still.
Question: Who on earth named this virus Corona ?. In the 60's it was fizzy pop, now it's a Funky Drink. "What next"
The long haul 6 months at least.

 My first thoughts on the Corona virus outbreak are certainly on the human tragedy it represents, one that is affecting millions of people across the globe. I hope this page of history will turn quickly, and a level of normalcy will return soon. Indeed, I know there are better days ahead

Many thanks to these people, Milkman B &A Dairies Postman Doctor local Pharmacy and essential services that we all need.

Self isolation: Here's a picture from Nicky, one of our listeners, she has gone back to art, some thing she has not been able to fine time for in over 15 years.
How do you cope with your spare time ? please send us pictures of your projects.

Your feed back.

Doris from Doncaster writes in. We the world is at a precipice, the coronavirus is natures way of fighting back and its going to be a long haul 2020 will take its place in history when the world stood still. We will get through this, as nations come together lessons can be learnt. When its all over we must not return to the old ways, respect nature and fellow man, control the worlds population, making enough room for everyone. Lets not go back but move humanity forward.

Roger Walker: My thoughts go out to all the married men all over the world who have told their wives, "I'll do that when I have time".
Time's up dude

FaceBook Comment: Just over 80 years ago we were sent to war, now we are asked to sit sit down on a couch. What would you prefer ?

Jim aged 78 has just phoned me and asked if I am able to help with an email problem he has, that has now been sorted. While we were talking on line he mentioned he was at home with his wife suffering with blood cancer, he was just managing on line shopping but having to wait 2 weeks for delivery, so I stepped in and offered to help with essentials like milk bread and prescriptions as he lives in close proximity to my home.  If you can help someone keeping them safe, please do. Mike

Your requests.

Any Bing Crosby Dave age78

Four Tops Julie age 65

George Formby Leaning on the lamp post




















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